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The development of automation has brought in a new segment of machineries for granite processing.

Multi wire machines are the latest addition to granite processing. 

Multi wire machines have increased the granite productivity, so a diamond wire sustaining the process and giving effective results is very important

With our experience of supplying diamond wire for granite sawing worldwide, we introduce our new diamond wire product for multi wire saw machines.

Salient Features:

  1. Precision outer diameter of diamond wire beads.
  2. Sharpened for higher sawing speeds from initial cut.
  3. P.U. injected wire in 40 beads/meter.
  4. Specially designed core wire for better flexural strength and higher break load.
  5. Varied length available as per requirement of different brands of multi wire machine.
  6. Endless diamond wire. 
  7. Suitable for sawing any colour or class of granite.
  8. Identical beads made in automatic plant. 
  9. Special matrix designed for higher life.
  10. Sawing speed sustained throughout yield life.


1. Squared block
2. Gang saw size block properly cemented on trolley 
3. Availability of water as coolant.

Standard Technical Features*:

description outer diameter (mm) sawing speed
sawing life
linear speed
plastic coated diamond wire 40 beads / m 8.3 12 to 16 8 to 9 25
plastic coated
diamond wire 40
beads / m
7.3 18 to 20 6 to 7 25

* may vary as per class of granite.


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